Wild Heart x Friends of the Fuel

We’ve launched Wild Heart, a special edition burger that's built with purpose and consciously crafted in partnership with Citizen Collective, WITHWILD and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation. Wild Heart is designed to challenge perceptions around food waste in Aotearoa.

100% locally sourced, with a WITHWILD Fiordland Wapiti venison patty sprinkled with The Four Saucemen BBQ black rub, melted truffle mascarpone, shredded wonky carrots from Pukekohe, crisp mesclun salad, grated beetroot with chia seeds and drizzled with Citizen’s rich, Rescued Central Otago Cherry Sauce and BurgerFuel Aioli.


To celebrate we hosted an intimate group of key stakeholders and friends of the fuel for an exclusive pre-launch evening. With speakers from BurgerFuel, Citizen, WITHWILD and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, the night was about educating attendees about the Wild Heart Campaign and its supporting themes, such as food wastage in New Zealand and the conservation work being carried out in the Fiordland National Park.

The group was then able to enjoy the Wild Heart burger, Rescued Cherry Cola and some Sweet As Kumara fries, whilst listening to BurgerFuel burger genius, Chris Mills, who spoke to flavour pairings, rescued ingredients and how he built the burger with the Fiordland National Park in mind.

With the help of BurgerFuel consumers and those in the room, we aim to sell out of Wild Heart and collectively rescue 4.3 tonnes of WITHWILD Fiordland Wapiti, 102,000kgs of Citizen Central Otago Cherries and 300kgs of broken Pukekohe carrots. Plus, every Rescued Cherry Cola sold will save 29 cherries each!

To learn more about Wild Heart, head HERE.