Here for a knockout season, BurgerFuel has taken the number one draft pick, acquiring the ultimate GOAT of burger creations. Its stature is that of a linebacker, but its rebellious nature needs to be managed closely, meaning this delicious addition will only feature in purple and black for a limited time only. Move over Mahomes, the Iron Rebel is in town.

This half time heavy hitter has 100% pure grass-fed NZ Beef stacked with slow cooked smoked pulled beef, marinated in a sticky BBQ sauce is a flavour touchdown. Teamed up with melted cheddar, mesclun and BurgerFuel free range Aioli, the Iron Rebel will challenge the meatiest of contenders.

A burger with world class flavour needs world class company, that’s why we’ve teamed it up with our addictive Spud Fries and a Classic Coke to make the Rebel Feed

You won’t get a more indulgent, saucy flavour combination than this, don’t stay on the bench, head into BurgerFuel and tackle this limited time only burger now!


Ingredients: smokey, slow cooked pulled beef, marinated in sticky BBQ sauce, 100% pure grass fed NZ beef stacked on mesclun & melted cheddar on a large bun.

Make a meal of it with the Rebel Feed, a victorious formation of Spud Fries and a Classic Soda.