In our world of flavour, we know what revs the cravings. We KNOW the combinations that give you wild eyes and a madness for the mouthful that keeps you coming back for more. So, we went underground and mashed up a classic, turned out the lights and left nature to her frenzy. It’s not a mirage, wipe the dust from your eyes and spin out on our debut mushroom burger. Shroom Shroom, freaks. It’s here.

We found the mushrooms with the most muscle, chunky cut them and bathed them in the punchiest vinaigrette this side of the Adriatic. Seared them, melted cheddar all of them, smashed on the pickles, aioli and mustard – it’s the best kind of mayhem in a burger. Make room for the shroom. For a limited time only. 


Ingredients: Chunky cut, marinated portobello mushrooms, melted double cheddar, pickles, free range BurgerFuel Aioli, mustard and artisan wholemeal buns

Allergens: Check the online or printed in-store Allergen & Dietary Suitability Chart for information head to www.burgerfuel.com/allergens  

Make this meaty meatless burger a meal and add Spud Fries and a Classic Soda.