We’re chipping away at our mission to lessen our impact on the environment and as part of that journey, we’ve got our sights set on reducing food waste through rescuing and repurposing local food ingredients and incorporating them into delicious limited-edition specials and long-term menu development projects.

Introducing Wild Heart, a special edition burger that's built with purpose and consciously crafted in partnership with conservationist crusaders; Citizen Collective, the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation and WITHWILD. Wild Heart is designed to challenge the way we look at food consumption in New Zealand.

Wild Heart is 100% locally sourced and consciously crafted with rescued and repurposed ingredients.

WITHWILD Fiordland Wapiti Venison Patty: Comes from the heart of the Fiordland National Park where, every year, wild introduced Wapiti deer are culled to help protect precious native flora and fauna through WITHWILD and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation deer management programme. A dollar from every burger sold will be donated to support the park's conservation.

Rescued Central Otago Cherry Sauce: Made from (otherwise export quality) blemished cherries grown in the Central Otago.

Rescued Wonky Pukekohe Carrots: Shredded from split, wonky carrots that would otherwise go to waste.

Rescued Artisan Buns: Made with 4% spent-grain flour, the nutritious by-product of Citizens craft beer brewing process, part of their award-winning circular solution for upcycling wasted or unsold bread. With no compromise on taste, our Rescued Artisan Buns have that recognisable home-made, wholesome flavour.
Update: Due to the experimental nature of the above process, we have come up against some issues with our rescued buns and are working to resolve this. For the time being, we will be supplying BurgerFuel wholemeal buns in order to ensure that our customers receive only the best product until this issue is resolved.

Rescued Cherry Cola: Combining dark, rich, vibrant flavours with rescued Central Otago cherries and rum wash (the by-product botanicals from rum making). A Citizen and BurgerFuel collaboration that is perfectly paired with Wild Heart.


Reducing food waste is one way we can play our part in climate change and every little action makes a difference. Help us sell out of this special burger and collectively we could rescue 4.3tonnes of wild Fiordland Wapiti, 102,000kgs of Citizen Central Otago cherries (between our Cherry sauce and Rescued Cola), 300kgs of broken Pukekohe carrots,160kgs of repurposed Citizen spent-grain flour, and every can of Rescued Cherry Cola will save 29 perfectly good cherries from going to waste.  

We aim to raise a $30,000 donation for the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation to complete essential work in the famous Nitz Valley, Fiordland. The protective work benefiting native flora and fauna such as Whio, Kiwi, Weka, Kea and Kaka.

Money raised will go towards a new stoat trapping line with 55 traps to be built, installed, and managed. So, if you’re ever tramping through Fiordland, try spotting the BurgerFuel logo brandished on a trap.

The money raised will also go towards purchasing and installing new digital trail cameras to track ecosystem impact and ongoing possum control and monitoring through fauna surveys in collaboration with DOC and Kea & Kiwi citizen surveys.