Family at the Fuel

Posted by BurgerFuel

Working with family isn’t always easy but here at the Fuel we love to get everyone involved. Whether it’s jumping on the grill, running orders out, or helping on the till, our Franchisees can always count on one of their own.

We asked some of our Franchisees why they thought working with family was the way to go.

First up, we have sibling powerhouse team from our Rototuna store, Abbey and Henry. With Abbey already an established part of the BurgerFuel Rototuna team, her brother Henry also fell in love with the brand and wanted to be a part of it - that’s where the ‘dream team’ was formed. They both love working together on shift, as they have expectations sussed and know how to have fun on the job. Find out more about their BurgerFuel journey HERE. 

Andy, Franchisee of our Napier store for 16 years, was always keen to get his kids working in store as soon as they were out of nappies and could walk (kidding). Starting them off with cleaning tables, and taking orders out, to now working front of house serving customers.  Andy attributes their great communication and confidence as skills they were able to gain from working in store from an early age. They now have good understanding of the value of money and gain a sense of accomplishment from a hard days work. The best benefit of working with his kids from Andy’s perspective is they are working together to build a successful family-owned business and get to spend extra time together.

John, Franchisee of our Rolleston store couldn’t stop his daughter from wanting to get involved as soon as the store opened. Having the ability to comfortably talk to customers has meant It’s been a natural fit to have her on the till where she can really shine. John has seen her flourish and gain more confidence and problem-solving skills since starting just over a year ago. He loves having his daughter in store, saying she treats it as her own and has a drive to ensure that all customers have an amazing experience in store. He can see that she now has a better understanding of just how much work goes into running a business. He loves the bonding time he gets with his daughter and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whangarei store owner, Dean, loves having his kids in store and seeing them fully be a part of the team. He proudly watches as they get stuck, happily taking on tasks that no one else wants to do. What started as a few odd jobs and helping hands, has led to all three kids becoming officially part of the crew, with the wider team nicknaming the Saturday shift, ‘family day’. Dean’s favourite part of working with his family is the added time he gets with his kids and seeing them gain a great work ethic, a better understanding of the business and see the pride that they have working in store.

In some cases, we start ‘em super young (tiny little hands can very good at salad ripping). Check out BurgerFuel Customs St future staff member already running the place!