Ring Burner

This one goes out to the OG BurgerFuel fans that’ve been kicking it with us since ’95. Bringing back the heat with a cult classic, with a new-age twist, the Ring Burner.

Since the beginning of BurgerFuel time, the Ring Burner was a fan favourite on the menu. We don’t know where the thought of a burning sensation as a burger name came from, or how we ever thought that this would be appetizing, but hey, if you like the hot stuff, you like the hot stuff.

With 100% pure grass-fed NZ Beef, tasty Bacon, new recipe Jalapeño Salsa and BurgerFuel Chipotle Aioli, it’s a nod to the original, but even better. Add Sriracha for $1 to turn up the heat.

Because good things come to those who wait (and we still feel bad for taking it off the menu all those years ago) we’re bringing the Ring Burner back for a limited time only.