It's time for Popcorn Caramel!

What is it about sitting in a movie theatre and dipping your Choc Top into salty popcorn? Well, our new limited edition Thickshake tastes just like those good times and you can enjoy it minus the 20 minutes of compulsory ads.

We're bringing you a creamy flavour frenzy with the Popcorn Caramel Thickshake. Our all-natural BurgerFuel WHIP is spun together with the scrumptious flavour of Popcorn, and a sweet kick of Caramel, creating the perfect taste of cinema magic.

While we’re on the subject, did you know that you can get spuds for your stubs at BurgerFuel, every single time you go to the movies? All you need to do is head in-store before or after the movie, flash your ticket when you grab any large burger and we'll hook you up with FREE Spud Fries! Head here for more info and the T&Cs. (link to T&Cs page)

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