The Rueben, the sandwich that has a strong history of taking on the humble cheeseburger, battling it out for the top spot in the minds of meat lovers across the world.

After hearing of this cheesy battle, we thought we should make food love, not food war – so, we put our heads together, alongside someone with expert level sandwich making capabilities and combined the two to create the ultimate mouth-watering burger meats sandwich collab.

Mustang Deli is our take on ‘The Reuben’ and to get it to New York City level, we teamed up with the best in the Deli business, a man whose made a name for himself through epic kiwi culinary creations and bringing worldly sandwich flavours to NZ shores. It’s the man you can’t slow down, it’s Al Brown

In this meeting of sandwich-obsessed-minds, we’ve paired our 100% grass fed NZ Beef with punchy Al Brown & Co Old Yella Habanero mustard, complimented by Deli style Pastrami, sharp and juicy bread and butter pickles and melted cheddar to really give it that Deli feel. And because we can’t be too classic, we’ve included tangy kimchi and put it all in a fluffy Pretzel bun.

Mustang Deli isn’t around for long, so don’t end up running all over the town trying to find this double-beef delight.

Ride around Deli, ride deli ride.

Ingredients: 100% pure grass fed NZ beef, Al Brown & Co Old Yella Habanero Mustard, Deli style Pastrami, tangy kimchi and Pretzel bun. 

Allergens: Check the online or printed in-store Allergen & Dietary Suitability Chart for information head to www.burgerfuel.com/allergens  

Make this a Mustang Deli Deal. Ride around and grab the Mustang Deli with our addictive Spud Fries and a Classic Coke