Creative, Sweet - Sketchup Episode. 3 with James Hunt

Posted by BurgerFuel

Creative, Sweet introduces, Sketchup, our new artist timelapse guest-spot for artists within the community or passing through. Providing a platform to showcase the awesome talent we come across.


James Hunt’s work is a glimpse of life through the lens of the artist, a colourful reflection of how he perceives and navigates his world. His bold works find a way of speaking to our inner child, our ambitious present and our hopeful future.

James' creative journey started from doodling at a young age, to then joining in on drawing clubs with mates, to then completing a Visual Communications degree. His journey continues, having recently taken up a job at BurgerFuel headquarters working with Shake Out and Winner Winner, and we're stoked to have James feature as our next artist for Sketchup Episode 3. 

You can also read more about James HERE.

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