Fried Chicken anyone? Meet the Choppers.

Hold on to your handlebars.


We thought it was high time we served up our take on one of life’s greatest pleasures, BurgerFuel style.

Put on your leathers and get on your bike, there’s a new side in town. Meet our Southern Fried Choppers.

Six crispy, fried free range chicken bites are coated in southern spices, cooked to perfection and doused in Sriracha and creamy BurgerFuel Aioli.

Cruise in and get ‘em while they’re hot, these Choppers won’t be around for long.

Allergen information: Choppers Bites contain wheat, gluten, milk, egg & soy. They are produced on a line that also handles fish. Sriracha sauce is halal, vegetarian & vegan suitable.Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.