BurgerFuel Date Night Ideas

Struggling for ideas for this weeks date or mate night? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered! We've put together some alternative date or mate night ideas sure to impress even the toughest cookies.

Tatt it up
Something for the people that are wild at heart, head along to your local tattoo studio and get matching tattoos. Bonus points if you let the other person pick your design. Double bonus points and BurgerFuel for a year if you get a BurgerFuel tattoo.

Angry Birds
For those of you who want to add a little excitement but need to work on your anger management at the same time, have a go at Axe Throwing. There is something so satisfying about throwing around a sharp object.

Racing Ray’s
If throwing things isn't your jam, you could take your significant other to do some hot laps We’re talking going full throttle in a grunty V8 or a luxurious lambo, get the wind flowing through your hair (or over your head, #nohairwhocares). If that's too extreme, we're sure the local go karting track will have the same effect.

Get your creative juices flowing and break the ice with some ‘au naturel’ life painting. Help your significant other perfect curves on their newly formed piece of art. Nothing says I love you more than bonding while painting a naked person.

Fancy Pants
For all you fancy pants out there why not cut the cheese and wash it down with a perfectly paired glass of wine. Whether you are a creamy blue or a sharp cheddar kinda person, there is something for everyone, maybe just check your partner isn’t lactose intolerant first…

Get Stuffed
Wanna be stuffed on your mate or date night? Why not stuff animals instead. A taxidermy class could be the perfect fit for you and your significant other! Get elbows deep and pull off the perfect stuffing of your favourite mammal. Possum, duck, goat or even the neighbour’s cat can all get a second life and make for the perfect gift.

If you prefer your cats unstuffed, why not elevate your standard Sunday brunch and head along to your local cat café. What’s not to love? You’ve got food, coffee, and pussycats. You may even walk out with a new furry family addition.

Basic B*tch Options
And of course, for you water babies out there, there is nothing more relaxing then riding the waves of your local beach on your surfboard, so why not try hold hands while you take the ride of your life. Shaka bros and bro-ettes.

The Best of them all
If you a vanilla gorilla, you can’t go wrong with a long walk along the beach ending in a picnic at sunset, with your favourite takeaway meal - BurgerFuel.