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Every month we shout burgers to the legends among us who give back to their community or help people in need.

This month, we shout out to the team at Recycle a Device for their incredible work and commitment to reduce electronic waste by taking old devices and repurposing them for the community to use.

Recycle a Device (RAD) works with the community to collect donations of unwanted laptops and ensuring they aren’t just ending up in landfill. RAD then works with members of the community and teaches them how to diagnose and repair these devices.

These refurbished fit-for-purpose devices are then gifted to rangatahi who need them for employment, education, cultural expression, and general participation in society.

 Check out all the amazing work that they do, and if you are wanting to donate a device or help support this amazing organisation, head HERE to find out more.

To say thanks to the legends at Recycle a Device, we fuelled the team with BurgerFuel.