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Creative, Sweet retreat 2023

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If burgers are our religion, that makes our stores our temple, our safe haven to enjoy your freshly cooked burger, straight from our chrome grill to your platinum grill. In saying that, taste and smell aren’t the only senses activated in our stores, we also tune your ears to the sound of Radio BurgerFuel and treat your eyes to an explosion of creative flare from our Creative, Sweet department.

Over the last decade BurgerFuel has been slowly dipping their stores in purple, one mural at a time, and although they are kitted out, some see fit for an update due to wear and tear. We sent our Creative, Sweet founder and extraordinaire Haser down to Christchurch and Wellington to refresh some of our stores. Over the course of 2 weeks, he was able to complete 9 murals, each one unique and each one crafted to suit their store.