BurgerFuel HQ Masterclass #8

Posted by BurgerFuel

Appreciating our Good Bastards

It's no secret that we love our staff. BurgerFuel wouldn't be where it is today without our crazy bunch of misfits. They're at the heart of everything we do, and HQ wants to celebrate and show our appreciation for them as much as we can.

Every week, our staff nominate their teammates that have been "Good Bastards". They are the ones that go above and beyond, doing their bit to contribute, and help create a supportive culture in their stores. HQ then gives a big shout out to these Good Bastards, and all nominees are automatically in the draw to win the ulimate HQ Masterclass experience in BurgerFuel HQ.  

14 top performing staff members were randomly selected and flown up to Auckland for an all expenses paid once in a life time BurgerFuel experience. These Good Bastard's got a sneak peek at the behind the scenes, and learn what BurgerFuel is really about. 

Recently we hosted HQ Masterclass #8, check out what they got up to below...

The Winners were:

  • Ethan Pilgram - Mount Maunganui 
  • Isaac Ward - Spitfire Square
  • Beth Simpson - Bush Inn
  • Jessica Howell - Henderson 
  • Taylah Hall - Porirua
  • Ethan Mora - Fairy Springs
  • Olivo Spadotto - Whangaparaoa 
  • Jaimee-Lee Smith - Customs St 
  • Martin Lastreto - Parnell 
  • Sentaine Gillespie - Whangaparaoa
  • Nicolas King-McRae - Te Awamutu

The Agenda included the following:

  • Full Throttle Experience at Sweet Axe Throwing 
  • Dinner from Shake Out
  • Spray Painting session with one of our in house Graphic Designers, James Hunt
  • A classic Auckland CBD dinner 
  • A tour of the Willy Wonka facto ... oh, we mean the BurgerFuel Aioli factory (which is on par with Willy Wonka, let's be honest)
  • Cut Class: A DJ experience, with our Friend of Radio BurgerFuel, DJ Scizzorhands
  • Kitchen Mastery Session which included testing out one of our upcoming specials
  • Q&A with the BurgerFuel bosses 
  • Award ceremony recognising our Good Bastards