Since ’95, when we opened the first BurgerFuel store on Ponsonby Road, Auckland, we knew that there would be many more stores to come. So BurgerFuel established the Enviro-mental programme, to ensure we kept the planet in mind as we grew.

We were pioneers in developing packaging that took the environment into consideration, our stores sent away their old chippy oil so it could be converted into Bio Diesel, and since ages ago, we’ve been collecting our billboard skins and re-purposing them into useful items, like beanbags, duffle bags and staff anniversary gifts.

Over the more recent years, we've worked to reduce the number of packaging items needed for customers that dine in or takeout (no one needs bags, within bags, within bags) and with most of our customers choosing to take their feed away, we know it's our responsibility to ensure our packaging does the least harm to the environment as possible.

We work with suppliers who can ensure our packaging is made sustainably, using sustainable processes and we have some big projects in the works to ensure the end of life of our in-store packaging is safe, circular and considered. We know we have a long way to go, and ongoing improvements to make, but we are committed to continue to improve and find ways to lessen our impact on the environment. 

We believe in authenticity and transparency, so watch this space for exciting developments as we continue on our sustainability journey….




Food waste isn't cool and shouldn't be going to landfill. If we have any leftover ingredients remaining from a special burger, side or thickshake promotion, we work with organisations such as Everybody Eats, Kiwi Harvest, City Missions and Food Banks, to make sure they get to people in need.  

Keep an eye on our Feeding the Legends stories, found HERE, where we showcase (and say "thanks", with burgers to) amazing humans dedicated to getting wasted food to those who need it the most. 

Please contact us at [email protected] if you, or someone you know, should be featured in our Feeding the Legends programme, or if you are an organisation that would like to be added to our list for surplus food donations. 


Millsy, Mad Burger scientest (aka Menu Development Manager) and Cuz, R&D extraordinaire, steer the direction of BurgerFuel’s menu evolution and product design. Food quality, sustainability, and provenance are of the highest priority and they work to establish partnerships with suppliers of likeminded values.

With exciting ongoing long-term menu development plans underway, concepting and crafting limited-time-only special burgers, sides and drinks, give the team an opportunity to test and trial products that incorporate sustainable food trends, sourcing and production practices, and work with sustainable businesses paving the way in the food industry.

These limited time offerings are not only designed to test for future ongoing menu feasibility, but to provoke thought and challenge perceptions with our customers, all within the familiarity of a burger.

Here are some examples of past special edition products that not only tasted great, but were designed to have a positive impact too…


With a focus on diverting as much food waste to landfill as possible, BurgerFuel Ponsonby and BurgerFuel Takapuna have been trialling circular waste solutions in the dining room and kitchen, working with Supertrash and We Compost, part of Green Gorilla, Auckland’s largest non-landfill owning full spectrum waste services provider.

Over the coming months, we will be working to convert as many stores as possible to compost and recycling bins, with clear signage on the bins and our packaging to educate the customer on how best to dispose of any BurgerFuel packaging and food waste. 

This is a work in progress, so keep an eye out here as we roll out bin conversions nationwide.