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Tweet us like a tweet thang, book us in the face or ‘gram up the gourmet goodness and your next BurgerFuel fix could be on us. Ok, not actually on us like those weird human sushi buffets (hygiene anyone?) but for absolutely free. Because it’s a digital revolution and all that jazz. And if you didn’t post it, did you even eat it? NO! Anyhoo… we digress, scroll on downtown for the lowdown on how you can get all up in our social face. Has anyone seen Tom from MySpace? 


Check out our burger porn and post an epic burger pic with #burgerfuel. If we regram it, we'll send you free burgers!

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The officially official BurgerFuel Twitter page. 

Random tweets, lovely treats and delectable eats. If you tweet us and it makes it on to BurgerVision (our in store TV channel), tweet us right back and we’ll hook you up with the goods. 

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Stop by for our newest news, latest specials and grab some pretty ace prizes/deals/Dad jokes. Also a great way of getting in touch to tell us how much you love us. 

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If it’s fun, fast, loud, little bit crazy, or all of the above then you'll probably find it on the BurgerFuel You Tube channel. Kick back, relax, grab a burger and catch up with our latest events, antics, parties, pranks and adventures... plus some real kooky stuff if you go back far enough through the archives. 

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To check out all the other crazy stuff we do, take a trip to The World of BurgerFuel by clicking that button below. Go on click it.