Matt and Tomoko, A BurgerFuel Love Story

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BurgerFuel, where every form of love is found....

BurgerFuel. Not only a great place to grab a burger for any occassion but also a place to find love. Who knew? This month, we celebrate the couples that fell in love, the mates that can’t be separated and anyone that sparked their story at BurgerFuel

BurgerFuel Head Office staff members, Matt and Tomoko, met in an American coffee shop, of all places, and from there love blossomed. 

So where did it all begin? 

Matt and I met whilst working together during the BurgerFuel expansion to the USA, located in Indianapolis, IN. I was working full-time managing a Starbucks just around the corner of the newly remodelled car shop, turned BurgerFuel. The kiwis would use my cafe as a meet-up spot and became regulars of mine. Then, soon enough, I found myself working at BurgerFuel part time. Matt was one of the many kiwis who came over to help with the launch of this new brand. So, in truth, BurgerFuel quite literally brought us together.


We were just friends at the start. Matt would spend his mornings at the shop. I would make him his usual, a bacon gouda cheese sandwich and flat white. In the evenings, I would be on fryer, while he worked across from me, on grill. So it started as any good relationship would, we both had a lot in common and we spent a lot of time in and out of work together.

Fast-forward almost 5 1/2 years later, im living in New Zealand! He is still my best friend and we are now engaged, planning a wedding! And Ironically, we are both still working for BurgerFuel. Full circle. I am now working as the area manager for Winner Winner. An up and coming brand, under BurgerFuel Group, here in Auckland.

What's your idea of a perfect date night? 

Favourite date night? Well, it's probably not the most exciting thing. Chilling at home, cozied up, watching 'The Grand Tour' or the 'Pedal Show' on YouTube with our golden retriever, Morgan. Maybe add a board game or two and some delicious takeaways, and I'm in.

Now let's see how well you really know Matt. What's his favourite BurgerFuel go-to?

Easy.... It's called 'the Aickin', for those who know, you know. It's a ford freakout, with cheese, minus tomato

How romantic.