We just wanted to let you know that not only are you welcome here at BurgerFuel, but you’re welcome too (you can thank us later). You see, we do everything we can to make sure people feel at home at BurgerFuel, without feeling they have to be anything other than who they are.


We’ve worked long and hard on our vegetarian and vegan patties which were specially designed in the BurgerFuel ideas kitchen and perfected over years of taste testing. They have the New Zealand and Australian Vegetarian Society “V Tick” so it’s very veritable vege-verified vegetableness. Our vegetarian and vegan patties are even specially cooked on a completely separate surface from everything else.

This isn't your token 'single vegetarian option on a meat eaters menu' situation. At BurgerFuel, our vegetarian and vegan friends have the beauty of choice and the promise of maximum flavour -  in fact, we reckon our vege offerings are so good, they’ll make even your most carnivorous mates jealous. 

All BurgerFuel ingredients are 100% vegetarian excluding:

Beef  |  Chicken  |  Bacon
Stilton cheese sauce (contains non-vegetarian rennet)
Yoghurt relish (contains non-vegetarian rennet)
Parmesan (contains non-vegetarian rennet)
Any meat or fish products we use in our BurgerFuel Specials


For vegans, we’ve made sure the pattie in the V-Dub Vege is 100% vegan, just ask staff to remove the aioli and cheddar cheese from this burger and it’s good to go. Our wholemeal buns are vegan, however, our gluten free buns do contain egg whites.

BurgerFuel Spud fries, Kumara fries and Motobites are cooked in 100% pure canola oil making them vegetarian and vegan too. You can also swap the yoghurt relish or lemon aioli for a vegan sauce of your choice if you wish.