Smashed Juicy

Posted by BurgerFuel

You may have noticed us tossing around the term 'smashed juicy' recently... so what gives?

In short, our beef is still the same, 100% pure grass fed beef we've always used, but we now serve it smashed juicy, fresh to order for an even more orgasmic burger experience. Read on for all the juicy, juicy details.

We love a great beef burger (obviously) and we're really into putting the best fuel in our tanks, which is why we've always served 100% pure, grass fed beef. Not only does our beef taste better, it also comes from one of the purest countries on the planet – New Zealand. We choose grass fed because it means our cows do what cows do best – eat grass and moo. From Taranaki to Canterbury, north to south, our cows are roaming around in wide open paddocks. 

To provide you with the most pure beef burger experience around, our beef never contains anything extra. No fillers, breadcrumbs, flavours, hormones, antibiotics or anything artificial. From fields to stores, from our grills to yours – nothing less, nothing more except putting the pure in 100% pure, grass fed beef. But why stop there?



Noticed our beef has gotten even more delicious recently? While the beef hasn’t changed, the way we cook it has. After hours, the BurgerFuel Secret Ideas Kitchen have come up with a BurgerFuel world first - a fresh new way to cook our beef that locks in the juices for that hardcore burger fix - we call it ‘Smashed juicy’.

We cut our beef thick and then use the smashed juicy method to caramelise the edges of the beef right at the start of the cooking process, locking in all the delicious flavours to create a crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside, max flavour experience. 

Smashed Juicy - a unique fistful of flavour crafted to perfection for the ultimate hardcore burger fix. Creating the best burger experience from beginning to end, for you and your friends.