100% pure grass fed NZ beef, melted cheddar, tasty bacon, crispy battered onion rings, smoky BBQ sauce, salad, relish and free range BurgerFuel Aioli

Unofficially crowned the burger of 2016 and universally loved by all, putting this guy on the menu full time was the least we could do to stop the stalking incidents, awkward flash mobs outside the office, and to say thank you for all the tattoo dedications.

Our 100% grass fed New Zealand beef is 'smashed juicy' and served up with crispy, golden battered onion rings, melted cheddar, smoky BBQ sauce, crisp salad, free range BurgerFuel Aioli, batch-brewed sweet tomato relish on our wholemeal bun. Of course, we went one step further down the victory paved path of deliciousness and added the tastiest bacon we could find - because life’s too short to eat bad burgers.

Yip... liked it... put a ring on it. We know, you’re welcome.

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