Our favourite shake drinking spots!

Posted by BurgerFuel

Here are our favourite NZ shake drinking spots, we hope you love them just as much as we do!

(As selected by our store staff, who we like to refer to as Bite Club)

1. Takapuna Beach, Auckland

Pick up a thickshake from BurgerFuel Takapuna on a sunny day and walk to Takapuna Beach (approx. 500m walk), stroll down to the right side of the beach towards the cliffs where all you can hear is the ocean meeting the rocks and you've got yourself one of Auckland's million dollar views, all for the sweet sweet price of nothing.

2. Lake Taupo, Taupo

The guys from BurgerFuel Taupo reckon they have the best view out of all BurgerFuel stores and we must admit, they are pretty lucky! They say you "Defo gotta grab a shake from Taupo store and sit lakefront #bestviewfromastoreinnz" - literally order your shake, walk across the road and you're there!

3. Mount Eden, Auckland

Walk to the top of Mount Eden for a 360 degree view of Auckland City and if you're looking to get away from the crowds then climb down two levels, and get the views over Auckland all to yourself!

4. Rogan Street Reserve, New Plymouth

Grab a thickshake from BurgerFuel New Plymouth, drive 2 mins to Rogan Street Reserve just around the corner and go for a stroll around the lake while enjoying the beautiful NZ nature! 

5. Rangitoto College fields, Auckland

Looking to relive your high school romance and reminisce on the good old days, Bite Club reckon making your way to the sports fields at Rangitoto College (approx. 8 min drive from BurgerFuel Albany) to soak in the most beautiful views of the ocean with Rangitoto and Motatapu island in the background. On a good day, you might even see Waiheke Island in the distance and get a sneaky kiss from your date, just like back in high school, "meet on the field just after the bell!"

6. Mount Atkinson, Auckland

Drive to the top of Mt Atkinson in Titirangi (approx. 8 Min Drive from BurgerFuel New Lynn) . Once you get to the top you can either enjoy the view of the city or jump a small barrier for a private spot that gives you breathtaking views of the Waitakere Ranges and Manukau Harbour.

7. Hagley Park, Christchurch

With only a 10 min drive away from BurgerFuel Hereford street, Hagley Park is perfect for a quick and easy getaway from the busy city life. Pick any spot on the grass fields or sit by the lake and watch the Model Yacht's sail their sails! 

8. The Boat Sheds, Oriental Bay, Wellington

When you want to enjoy the cool sea breeze in Wellington City on a hot day but don't want to battle crowds at Oriental Bay? Whip around the corner to the boat sheds for a cute view and sip on your shake away from the masses of people at the beach!

9. French Bay, Auckland

12 min drive from New Lynn! Romantic date? Catching up with an old friend? Looking for a quick getaway from the Auckland chaos? French Bay is a perfect spot to sip on your thickshakes in sweet sweet serenity. 

10. Mount Maunganui, Tauranga

Walk around the base of Mount Maunganui and find a secret spot amongst the rocks. There's 100's of little spots to pick from and you might find yourself some rock pools to gaze into!