Speed and Custom


Posted by BurgerFuel

Since '95, we've supplemented our passion for engineering the ultimate burger with a deep appreciation of machines and car culture.

With an 18-strong fleet of custom classics and muscle cars from Whangarei to Christchurch, each machine is lovingly restored, meticulously maintained and brandished with the BurgerFuel wings.

She's a rag-tag bunch, all mostly built in the 'muscle car era', with four machines residing at HQ and the rest peppered throughout the country, owned by Franchisees.

You'll find them parked in pride of place at store fronts, cruising the streets on the school run, hitting local events, or parked up safe and sound under a car cover for three quarters of the year - each night, being softly buffed and whispered sweet nothings to, before being tucked up carefully under a custom-made microfiber car cover. 

Check out a selection of our machines below...

It's part of our DNA. Cruising and great gourmet burgers simply go hand-in-hand. Watch as we demonstrate...