Are you chicken?This burger isn't...Introducing Chook Free!

Posted by BurgerFuel

What's freer than free-range? 100% chook-free, plant-based, protein-packed vegan goodness...

We have continued our journey down the path of plant-based options for everyone. Introducing the meatless (but mighty) Chook Free made with crispy crumbed, chook-free patties that look, cook and taste just like chicken - but with absolutely no fowl play involved.  

This burger is 100% vegan but that doesn't mean it's exclusively for our vegan mates - no matter whether you eat only plants, no plants, part-time plants, or you're into trying new things, this is a not-to-be missed experience for veggie lovers and carnivores alike. The deliciously seasoned crumbed chook-free Chick’n patties are served hot and crispy with juicy grilled pineapplevegan provolone and BurgerFuel Vegan Aioli - as well as all the usual suspects (shout out to our fresh salad and artisan wholemeal buns). 

We know that chook-free chicken may sound a little strange to some of you... trust us, we had a few WTF moments at the start too, but it's a whole new world out there and alternative protein products are taking the world by storm. So, in the name of innovation, we tried it, we loved it and we knew we had to risk it for the biscuit and get it into your hands too. 

In store for four short but sweet weeks - try it, it's clucking good.

Disclaimer; No chickens crossed the road in the making of this burger. 

Order Online now HERE to get your Chook Free fix before it's gone....

Allergen Info: The Chick'n patty contains wheat and soy and is vegetarian and vegan. Please head HERE  for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel. For a list of ingredients in the Chick'n Patty click HERE.

The BurgerFuel crew.