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Colab: Radio BurgerFuel x Creative Sweet

Posted by Lee Densem


We recently paired a musician with an artist, told them to go away and create, then let them loose at a recent Radio BurgerFuel Friday Night Bites event.

Radio BurgerFuel provides the in-store (and online) soundtrack for your burgers. Our in-house arts programme Creative Sweet, provides the custom art you see in our stores and communities. We wanted to bring the two tegether in a special colab. The idea was simple, put a musician and and artist together, create something inspired by the music, and document the process.



Hailing from Warkworth, near Auckland, his 2017 mixtape 'Of The Forest' led to a call from Appler Music to record a track called Nazarite and the formation of the band which has become Hot Knives.



An artist from South Auckland who has been drawing since he was a kid. He drops art around the city alerting people on social media after it has been abandoned.


There are some supremely talented people that work at BurgerFuel, so we asked musician Bobandii (Silas McClintock) who used to work at BurgerFuel Takapuna to team up with artist Braden Gordon. Both Silas and Braden now work at BurgerFuel HQ, making this first colab a real family affair.

Once we explained how it all works we sent them off to do what creatives do. Silas' band Hot Knives had talked about making some recordings, but this project gave them the impetus to get some tracks down in the studio. Firstly, Hot Knives made some demos and passed these on to Braden who listened to the tracks on repeat and dissected the lyrics as he started to create artworks for two of the tracks 'Hot Feet' and 'Long Time'. For Silas, he used this band project as a way to start tapping into emotions that he hadn't explored in his solo music as Bobandii before.

"For me a lot of the lyrics were just about being brutally honest with myself; where are you sitting at mentally?" - SILAS MCCLINTOCK

Six months ago, Braden had found an old window frame at a beach which he painted a fish on before "setting it free" at another Auckland beach. For the colab artwork he decided to continue with this medium, so scavenged curbsides around the city, bought a few on Trade Me for $1 Reserve, and even grabbed a couple from the BurgerFuel basement that had been taken out of the walls of the office during renovations.

Hot Knives continued refining their music, with a couple of sneaky live shows to road-test the songs. They eventually recorded the tracks at Depot Sound studio in Devonport, Auckland (due to be released as an EP in early July).

It soon became apparent that both these artistic endeavours deserved more than just a simple video so the decision was made to host an exhibition and have Hot Knives perform live at one of Radio BurgerFuel's Friday Night Bites events. In late May, the recycled window frames joined seven other original painted artworks by Braden to form the exhibition, while Hot Knives also debuted the songs live on the night. In the spirit of the $1 Reserve window frames he acquired, Braden decided to offer all pieces for sale - of course as $1 Reserve auctions. The night turned into a kick-ass party and the perfect way to showcase the music and artworks in a setting it deserved.

"There's a little piece of BurgerFuel in the work" - Braden Gordon

Check back to see the full video and look at the gallery of pictures below to see how it all unfolded. Don't forget to keep an ear out for when Hot Knives release the music in early July too.