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The Wrap Up

Posted by Lee Densem


We didn't want to take up any more time than was neccessary, so we hit up Mazbou Q, Omer from Valkyrie and Scizzorhands, and asked them the same three questions to put a wrap on 2021. Being our usual cheerful selves, we wanted to ignore all the trials lockdown and Covid has dealt and focus on the postives!

1) ONE good thing from 2021?

MAZBOU Q - My 'Don’t Stop Regardless' single release show in May. It was just a really good celebration of the mahi that me and some other African artists have been putting in. We packed out Neck Of The Woodsvand it was just a really good time.

OMER (VALKYRIE) - Something good that happened for our band would have to be opening for Six60 in New Plymouth at the beginning of the year! We were so greatful for such an incredible opportunity.

SCIZZORHANDS - The release of my first collaboration project "Iron Flowerz' with Kevin Posey.

2) Favourite Aotearoa track of the year?

OMER (VALKYRIE) - Favourite track of the year would have to be Lorde 'Solar Power' but also the sis Vayne with 'Brand New Baguettes'!

SCIZZORHANDS - 'Beat Up, Bullied & Dunked On' by Mazbou Q

MAZBOU Q - Phodiso. His song 'Talk Too Much' is such a banger. It just went hard and I think it deserved a lot more shine.

3) what are you looking forward to in 2022?

SCIZZORHANDS - I'm really looking forward to seeing where my new creative workflow can take me. I’ve purchased a lot of new equipment this year and really want to push my boundaries. I've already started with a few videos released in the last 2 months and look forward seeing what I can un-earth within my own capabilities.

MAZBOU Q - I’m really looking forward to playing Womad 2022 next year. I was announced in the lineup a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dreaming of playing that festival since I started this rap thing, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

OMER (VALKYRIE) - Something we’re looking forward to would be getting back on stage [Ed: this originally said 'rage' which is amazing, but probably not the intended meaning!] with our summer shows. Also releasing our first full length Māori EP and seeing how our latest single 'Yaddy Ya' goes! All pretty exciting for us:)

Find Mazbou Q's album 'The Future Was' on Bandcamp, check out Scizzorhands on Facebook, and listen to Valkyrie's latest single 'Yaddy Ya' on Spotify.