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Interview: Mini Simmons

Posted by Eleanor Newnham


A meeting with a dumpy tarot card reader on the side of the road in Central America led to the birth of a new band. Mini Simmons are bringing the look and sound of the late 1960s into modern-day Aotearoa.

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They've just dropped their debut album, which happens to be the first vinyl pressed in New Zealand since 1987 (thanks to Holiday Records) and are about to embark on a headlining touring across NZ. Radio BurgerFuel's Lee Densem talked to Zak & Jesse Hawkins and Yoni Yahel about their inspirations, how they used to take turns writing music in an old rental car, and what to expect from their live show.

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July 20th - Wellington
July 26th - Auckland
July 27th - Mount Maunganui

For more info go here. Watch the video for A Way With Murder below.