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Interview: Ash Grunwald - Mojo

Posted by Eleanor Newnham


"If none of that works out...and I just end up doing a couple of gigs, hanging out, and surfing, I'll be happy as Larry....and I feel like that's the headspace where it actually does work out"

listen to the full interview here!

Ash Grunwald just dropped his latest album Mojo alongside a book he's been writing over the last few years. We talk about writing, collaborating, and the complexity of losing someone that you've worked with on unreleased music.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Ash Grunwald will be touring New Zealand in November.

November 28 - Auckland
November 29 - Raglan
November 30- Tauranga
December 1 - Leigh

Ash Grunwald is on Facebook - Give him a follow & check out the video for Whispering Voice feat. Kasey Chambers below.