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Playlist: Straight Outta Havoc

A little note from our friend Mikey Havoc...

'Straight Outta Compton' was excellent. I have always believed that when Nirvana came out and blew away the world of popular music, they were followed by endless bands who tried to be the next Nirvana without even getting close.

None of them seemed to figure out that what made Nirvana so devastating is that they weren’t trying to be the next anything, they just turned up on the day with their shit, that they thought the world needed to hear.

N.W.A were exactly the same. A perfect musical storm that happened right when the world of music needed them. Watching Straight Outta Compton made me realise that the music scene in the early 1990’s was actually as exciting as I remember it being.

I’m way more Public Enemy than N.W.A. personally, and to be honest, I prefer more of the Ice Cube/Lench Mob stuff than N.W.A. but there can be no doubt that they were the catalyst for so much of what followed. To celebrate the movie and to say thanks to Radio BurgerFuel for the screening, here’s a Mikey Havoc personal top 25-ish badass, guaranteed no filler all killer, grab bag of my favourite early hip hop must have don’t leave home without em treats.

Love Mikey