Radio BurgerFuel

Play It Forward 001

This is the first episode of a little project called Play It Forward. We started by asking Mr Jonny Toogood from Shihad what music he was digging and it progressed from there. Like a musical version of word association, we're not really sure where it's going to end up! Join us on the journey with Radio BurgerFuel's Play It Forward.

Listen to the first installment of Play It Forward below, and for more interviews or mixes go to the Radio BurgerFuel page on Mixcloud. Don't forget to listen to Radio BurgerFuel - stream us HERE, or via TuneIn or iTunes Radio.

4. The Occupants - 'Streets' (BUY)
3. Jakob - 'Harmonia' (BUY)
2. The Impending Adorations - 'The Best Is Yet To Come' (BUY)
1. Cairo Knife Fight - 'Rezlord' (BUY)

Play It Forward 001 by Radioburgerfuel on Mixcloud