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On Tour: Bakers Eddy

Wellington rockers Bakers Eddy won New Zealand’s 2015 Battle Of The Bands competition earlier this year and have just returned from their 10 date European tour. They've given us a tour soundtrack and let us in on a few of the shenanigans.

Highlights included playing in front of a massive 2500 at Oktoberfest in Munich, female flashers who didn't appreciate the social media fame, men in g-strings (looking at you Ciarann and Jamie) and an incident with a flight of stairs, a broken nose and two black eyes. All in all, sounds like rock 'n' roll.

If you want to feel like your touring through Europe too then hit play on the tunes that Bakers Eddy have specially picked out and live the dream. While you’re at it listen to the boys on Radio BurgerFuel just before they took out the competition in August HERE.