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Friday Night Bites with a Buzz

Posted by Creative, Sweet

The sizzling chrome grills and Radio BurgerFuel beats weren't the only things humming on Friday night. Thanks to our friends at Otautahi Tattoo on Karangahape road, they took up a one night only residency in our BurgerFuel headquarters and set up shop in our Burger School. Our in house team put together some epic BurgerFuel related flash, and our guests lined up out the door as they anxiously waited to exchange skin for street credit.

BurgerFuel has been doing tattoo pop-ups for over a decade, it's a homage to our long history with tattoo culture. When people were told they'd never get a job because of their tattoos, BurgerFuel took them in, put them behind the counter and let them steer our brand into the future.

It you find yourself contemplating whether your stick and poke tattoo from your non-artistic friend was a good idea, keep an eye out for future BurgerFuel events and prizes as we're always keen to help our people find their dream tattooer #NoRagerts