Creative, Sweet - Sketchup Episode. 4 with Freya Burnett

Posted by BurgerFuel

Creative, Sweet introduces, Sketchup, our new artist timelapse guest-spot for artists within the community or passing through. Providing a platform to showcase the awesome talent we come across.


Freya Burnett is currently an MFA student at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in Auckland, New Zealand. Her practice examines ideas surrounding world building and the construction of fantasy realms that operate as paradisiacal portals.

Freya aims to materialise immersive environments that tenderly summon the viewer to experience a sensation of complex tranquility and be enveloped in glamorous and visually decadent landscapes.  We're excited to have Freya feature as our next artist for Sketchup Episode 4.

You can also check out more about Freya on her website HERE and see more of her work on her Instagram HERE.

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