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This month we catch up with a young, up and coming artist, born in the Phillipines and now residing in Invercargill, New Zealand. Danikah, AKA CabNov recently caught my eye with her bright, psychedelic murals, I tracked her down to find out how she's going and where she sees herself as an artist in the near future. 

Haser: For those that are seeing your work for the first time, can you tell us a little about who you are and where you are based?

CabNov: I’m Danikah Novio but also known as CabNov, I’m a self taught artist based in Invercargill and my work is all about the mixture of science, pop and psychedelia. 

Nice, and how would you say you got into art and painting?

When I was a kid I would always draw, mostly repetitive formed line works which were inspired by my favourite candy “Nerds”. I associate that with all of my work to get the biomorphic forms that discusses my interest in science, but focuses on biology and the inside structure of cells.

That’s really interesting, I can appreciate your work on a whole new level now. I can definitely see the Nerds reference in your work. Was there a particular moment you realised you were good at it?

Yes, when I did my first canvas and sold it for the amount that I wanted and they told me I was unique, talented and that I should keep going.

Nice work, I think selling artwork is something a lot of young artists struggle to deal with. Invercargill is quite a small town, what would you say the pros and cons of being based in a smaller town are?

I would say the pros are, whenever you paint in public you will get noticed. Cons are, not enough potential buyers for your artwork.

That’s a very valid point, it pays to have an online presence in a situation like that. What led you to make the works that you make and how would you define your style?

I started off creating LoFi music with a lot of electronic psychedelic style in it and I wanted to translate that in to an art form that will make people psyched. That inspired a lot of scrolls (nerds candy), science and Japanese pop art with colours and biomorphic forms mixed together.

My style has a mixture of abstract psychedelic pop surrealism and contemporary flare.

That’s really awesome, you can really see those elements in your work. Where would you like to see yourself in the future?

I would like to see myself working with a few artist that I look up to and also be invited to live mural festivals like Pow! Wow! worldwide, etc. I would also like to travel the world, have an exhibition in all of the galleries I dream of being featured in and become a famous living contemporary artist in New Zealand.

Those are ambitious goals but certainly the goals you want to be heading towards, I can’t wait to see things unfold for you.

If money and time were out of the equation, what would your dream project be?

My dream project will be having my own Disneyland but with all of my creatures, figures and really just show my signature style which is a reflection of me. 

This would make an awesome exhibition. In saying that, you mentioned you would like to exhibit in galleries, have you had a chance to exhibit your work yet, if not, is this something you are working towards?

I haven’t had a chance to exhibit my work yet but I’m working towards Museum of Contemporary Arts, Hashimoto Contemporary, Pinto Art Museum and Lotte Museum.

Very prestigious galleries, you are certainly aiming high, nice work. 

Who is on your inspiration feed?

Squid.licker, sheep.chen, caratoes, takashimurakami, jamesjeanart, haser, nychos, smitheone

Some amazing names on that list, I’m very honoured to be included amongst them. Do you have any travel plans in the future, whether it’s art related or just getting out of the country?

Yes, I will be participating in Meeting of Style Thailand, a lot of mural projects in the Philippines and after that, where ever it takes me.

Phillipines would be awesome, they have a really good scene there, I’m hoping to make it there at some point as well.

So, all art aside, what do you get up to when you’re not putting brush to canvas?

When I’m not painting, I’ll go to the beach, drink wine or shandy, relax and enjoy the music.

The better parts of life. I know you are young yourself, but do you have any advice for younger artists out there?

My advice is don’t try to copy someone else’s work, get inspiration from it and translate it to your own style.

Wise words, what music is currently banging on your playlist?

Hayley Kiyoko ft Kehlani - What I Need

And last but not least, your favourite burger from BurgerFuel?

Burnout with Kumara fries with Aioli.

Now I'm hungry.

Thanks a lot for your time CabNov, if you would like to see more of CabNov’s work you can follow her on the grams.