Most people just see chicken, bacon, avocado and then it's all over Ben Dover, beam me up Scotty, there are dijons on the starboard bow...

We may have lost our minds in intergalactic-cyber space there but let's not forget about the stilton cheese sauce. Take a step out onto this deliciously strong and sharp cheese flavour frontier because this is some interplanetary Starship Burgerprize Spockalicious sauce we're talking about here. 

Enough space-dreaming, it's all blue cheese baby, free-range lady... meet the Burnout. The stars collide in this super-saucy fusion of free range chicken breast, tasty bacon, smashed avocado, stilton cheese sauce, dijon mustard and free-range BurgerFuel Aioli. Caution: beware of the sauce. 

Eat it, like a Sulu warrior, it's fabulous.