American Muscle

Posted by BurgerFuel

In a dimly lit garage, amongst the organised chaos of mechanical sundries and raw ingredients, a small area has been cleared, sleeves rolled up, and dust layers wiped away. For years, our innovation team has painstakingly tinkered away. Perfectly customising one of life’s greatest pleasures, by mastering the craft of smashing the juiciest, 100% pure grass fed caramelised beef, preserving long cut pickles to perfection, sourcing the tastiest melted cheddar from private collectors, and dyno-tuning the most delectable American mustard aioli.

With wrench in hand and spatula in the other, our all-natural cheddar cheese is perfectly welded to two servings of our 100% pure, grass-fed NZ beef, smashed juicy, fresh to order, for that pure, mouth-watering caramelised goodness. They’re then hoisted onto a bed of sweet batch brewed relish and bolted with tangy, long cut, naturally aged pickles. This classic cheeseburger modification is then finished with generous dollops of American mustard aioli, and stitched together between our artisan wholemeal buns. A rag never out of arms reach to control drool.

Just like a classic, custom built muscle car, it has taken patience, purity and passion to build this brand new limited edition BurgerFuel model of the classic cheeseburger. Introducing... the American Muscle burger.

Go on, try one for yourself.