Machine's are as much a part of BurgerFuel culture as our hamburgers and it’s been like that since we started way back in 1995.

Here you can get a quick glimpse of some of the cars we have in our fleet. We take our car culture as seriously as we take our food and if you're into all things automotive then feel free to check out some of the pics and learn a little more about what drives us and our passion for machines here at BurgerFuel.

The BurgerFuel Fleet are made up of primarily customs, classics, and muscle cars built between 1965 and 1972 which is a period also known as the "Muscle Car era” but also because these are the car styles that we think fit us and our brand the most.

Our Machines range from Kombi Vans to Land Cruisers, with lots of muscle in-between and are all painted in our customary BurgerFuel fade paint jobs.

Like our burgers all our machines are customised in some special way.