Bio Fuel

100% pure grass fed NZ beef, free range egg, raw grated beetroot with chia seeds, salad, relish and BurgerFuel Aioli

There's nothing more Kiwi than a burger with beetroot and egg in it, except for maybe a Kiwi owned burger company making a Kiwi style burger or a burger made out of Kiwis, perhaps.
Anyways, what is this crazy root of beet, you ask? Well, it's deep red deliciousness from the family beta vulgaris and contains betanin red which altogether makes it sound like some b grade ninja vegetable from the ghetto with tourettes on a furious trail of vengeance. Turns out though, it's a pretty damn delicious and healthy root, full of nutrients which help your cardiovascular system. Try it, this is the quintessentially sensual Kiwi style burger, that doesn't actually contain any Kiwifruit or Kiwis in it, like a hamburger which doesn’t have any ham in it. Ok, just it eat it already.

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