Setting the scene… You’ve picked up your BurgerFuel online order, smuggled it home under your jacket, perched yourself in the comfy spot on the couch, placed perfectly between two pillows, legs rested, bent just enough to reach the coffee table, yet not too straight to buckle a knee and the Apple TV remote perfectly positioned within arm’s length for Netflix and chill. 

You take a deep inhale through the nostrils while tearing open your BurgerFuel brown bag of goodness, to enjoy your well-deserved BurgerFuel. Only to find your aioli punnet has turned into an abstract piece of art?!

No, we haven’t hired Picasso, it's because our punnets are not the same ol' sauce punnet! As you know, we at BurgerFuel are Enviro-Mental! So, we made our punnets from corn starch. Yes, these wee things are completely bio degradable. So even though the last thing we want is for your aioli punnet to melt, you can still enjoy our delicious sauces with peace of mind. 


BurgerFuel Natural Aioli

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