Cornflake Charger

Crispy cornflake chicken, streaky bacon, melted cheddar, BF aioli, salad, relish

Ladies, gentleman, and fried chicken connoisseurs. We may be in the burger business, but we’ll freely admit that perfectly executed fried chicken is one of life’s greatest, most pure sensory pleasures. When you love food as much as we do, however, not just any fried chicken will do, so when our burger gastronomists began to craft the recipe for this filthy-healthy explosion of gourmet goodness we had something very specific in mind: Fried chicken like you’ve never seen before. 

We reckon the equation for perfect fried chicken results is simple: crunch + taste / batter to chicken ratio = nirvana, BurgerFuel style. We spent thousands of pleasure-seeking hours perfecting this recipe to unlock this previously uncharted life level of fried chicken, cloud 9 and without further ado, we’re extremely proud to present to you our very own, BurgerFuel chook-vivant, labour of love. 

For an unrivalled crunch, we got nostalgic and pulled in a faithful childhood classic: crispy, golden, wholesome cornflakes. For taste, we’ve taken tender chicken thighs, double drenched them in rich, creamy buttermilk for ultimate moistness and then added Chef Mills' very own secret blend of ‘erbs-n-spices-n-all-things-nices. 

From here things only get better. These luscious, life-changing pieces of heaven are served between our artisan wholemeal buns with streaky bacon, BF aioli, naturally sweet batch-made relish and fresh hand-cut salad. 

We called it the Cornflake Charger because it’s so good, someone should probably arrest us for causing widespread indecent acts of burger affection. 

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