C N Cheese

100% pure grass fed Australian beef, MELTED CHEDDAR, GRATED PARMESAN, BF AIOLI, SALAD, RELISH

Pushed by a desire to discover the type of passion previously only present in her wildest dreams, and an almost illegal longing to have her palate lovingly caressed by more than one type of cheese, she was ready.

The night was balmy, a light breeze carried the faint scent of patchuaioli, and the neon open sign of BurgerFuel Newtown cast rivers of pale purple light over her milky skin. Senses heightened with powerful vulnerability, she allowed the C N Cheese to take control, giving herself completely to the moment. In a passionate frenzy, melted cheddar enveloped 100% grass fed pure beef, smashed juicy just for her. Sharp parmesan tickled her taste buds, taking her almost to the brink, making her feel more alive than she’d ever been. Natural BurgerFuel aioli wrapped her in a warm glow, and as she caught a glimpse of her flushed face in the stainless steel counter top, she saw a different person looking back at her. A person who would never accept just one type of cheese in a burger, ever again. It was undeniable that this hedonistic, full-body C N Cheese would not be her last – and as she picked up a take-away menu she thought to herself , ‘maybe next time, I’ll save time and order online. 

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