We’ve created our very own white, light and tasty gluten free bun as a healthy alternative to our classic wholemeal bun. Because sometimes something a little lighter is just what you need to help you float carefree above the wheat field of ordinary life.

BurgerFuel offers gluten free buns which are completely gluten free (wheat free), soy free and dairy free (they do contain egg whites). Another BurgerFuel world first for the wheat intolerant and those looking for a new taste experience. Most of our burgers can be made gluten free - just chat with our staff. Our 100% pure grass fed beef patties and free range chicken breast are both 100% gluten free. 

Products that contain gluten include:

  • Our Motobites contain gluten 
  • Customers with coeliac disease or on a medically recommended Gluten Free diet should note that our Spud fries, Kumara fries and Tofu are cooked in the same fryer as Motobites and trace elements could occur. 
  • We use Motobites in our V8 Vegan Burger, that means there's gluten in that bad boy too. 
  • When is comes to our BurgerFuel Specials, please check with staff in store to see find out what contains gluten.

Please Note: whilst the utmost care is taken in the preparation of our burgers, we cannot guarantee that there hasn’t been cross contamination with a gluten product as we do have a kitchen which also has non-gluten free products in it.

We’re very proud of our buns. And we’re not just talking about a princess Leia hair do either.