Burgerfuel Unleashes World's First Gourmet Drive-thru

BurgerFuel Worldwide (BFW) has announced the opening of the WORLD’S FIRST GOURMET BURGER DRIVE-THRU in Dubai – the 18th BurgerFuel restaurant to be opened in the Middle East.

After securing the ultimate site on Jumeirah Road, one of Dubai’s most prestigious streets and with over two years of development behind it, the first purpose-built BurgerFuel drive-thru is now open, serving the world’s best gourmet burgers to drivers in the car mad Middle East.

The new BurgerFuel drive-thru is prominently positioned directly opposite one of the key entrances to Kite Beach. In addition to the local population, the area is a major tourist attraction in Dubai, pulling in over 10 million visitors per year who come to take advantage of the beaches, shopping complexes and resorts.

Chris Mason, CEO BurgerFuel International Markets, says “We’re thrilled to be opening the world’s first gourmet burger drive-thru. It’s been a challenging journey to solve the operational aspects around serving burgers in a drive-thru format, whilst retaining the ability to serve them in our signature freshly built style. We had to ask ourselves - can we deliver a freshly built BurgerFuel burger, without a single compromise on taste or quality, fast enough? After a significant research and development process we’ve finally cracked it and Dubai represents the perfect market for BurgerFuel to launch our first drive-thru”.

BurgerFuel Worldwide CEO, Josef Roberts, adds “Burger connoisseurs all over the world want speed and convenience, along with high quality, fresh ingredients and an amazing brand experience. The BurgerFuel drive-thru will further instil our position as the leading gourmet burger brand in the world and open up a whole new sales channel for us”.

The Master Franchise Licence in the UAE is held by Al Khayyat Investments (AKI). General Manager of Food and Beverage for AKI, Farah George Farah says “Opening the world’s first gourmet burger drive-thru is a significant milestone, as well as being a good indication of the strength and success of the brand in the UAE. The drive-thru will be especially popular in summer when high temperatures mean our customers prefer to remain within air-conditioned vehicles, but still wish to enjoy BurgerFuel”.

In addition to being the ‘ultimate gourmet burger drive-thru experience’ the new restaurant also seats up to 100 diners. The extensive menu is filled with freshly built burgers containing the very best ingredients, like pure New Zealand beef and BurgerFuel’s fresh natural aioli, making it the ideal destination for burger fanatics to re-fuel with fresh, real gourmet fast food.

BurgerFuel Worldwide Ltd (BFW) is a NZAX listed company and is part of the exclusive NZ Trade & Enterprise Beachheads programme designed for high-growth NZ companies. BFW shares are currently trading at $1.55.