Special: Smack & Cheese Vídeo

Posted by BurgerFuel

Warning, this will be the first hit of many. It is highly addictive and out to change your life. Here only until the 2nd of July - Date prisa y alimentar tu adicción a la hamburguesa !!!

After scouring the hills of Columbia (circa 1993) to sit down with the influential lord of addictive substances, BurgerFuel are finally able to reveal what was said on that mosquito infested day. With his rotund belted belly, and his perfectly crafted, combed moustache, he sits down in his beige pipelined button up shirt to discuss with us the ways in which ‘it’ can change your life.He preaches that the taste buds become immune to feeling joy from any other flavour, the only desire people get is that one created by master’s in their field. You get hooked, overwhelmingly hooked, to the pure taste of that dairy laden, glowing stretchy morsel that is queso. Introducing to you, the Smack & Cheese.