Puma x B.A.D

Posted by BurgerFuel

BurgerFuel Athletics Department, or B.A.D for short, hosted the impressive Puma crew in the B.A.D gym, for a sweat filled session. 

Starting with a run up the famous Bullock Track, followed closely by a high-rep, no rest, sweat inducing circuit to only then repeat, three times. Ten pull-ups, 20 weighted squats, 20 dumbbell push presses and 20 body on the floor burpees. Once that was done, the group was split into two for a calorie counting, death by Assault Bike relay. Everyone jumped on the Assault Bike, emptied the tank, in a minute-long grind. The aim was to see how many calories you could burn in 60 seconds.

There is nothing quite like leaving it all out there at the gym... 

After the workout, the group was able to enjoy a meal at BurgerFuel HQ. Low-Carborator, Gluten Free and artisan wholemeal bun burgers, free-range Chicken Fenders and Spud Fries were all on offer. Showing that no matter what you're in to BurgerFuel has options for everyone. Pre-workout protein hit? Post-workout replenishment? Or just a healthier option at lunchtime.

The crew from Puma were able to work out, work hard and then enjoy the fresh, pure and epic options from the BurgerFuel menu. 

Goals? Gains? Burgers? We've got you covered.