Radio BurgerFuel is about the good music you know and the great music you wish you knew. It's like a special mixtape we've made for all our customers and the world around us, a little thanks for coming, a little appreciation for your dedication. No ads, no fads, just the music we like and sometimes even the music we pretend we don't like, but deep down actually like like, like that crush you had in school where you pretended you didn't like them to be cool, but even today you still wonder what they're up to and how they're going, anyway...

The strength of the BurgerFuel brand and the belief in the concept by others within the music industry mean we have been able to establish relationships and secure support for Radio BurgerFuel. This includes the major music labels (Sony, Universal & Warner Music) and the likes of Loop Records, Native Tongue, Mushroom Group, Red Bull Music Academy and NZ On Air. These labels and collectives have comitted to sending us the latest music to keep the Radio BurgerFuel sound hot, fresh & tasty.

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