100% pure grass fed NZ beef, melted cheddar, sliced sandwich pickles, relish and BurgerFuel Aioli on a smaller bun

If 3 is the magic number, then cheese is the magic word and Hamburgini is the magic burger. Sliced sandwich pickles are probably the magic pickle too, but that sounds a bit too open for misinterpretation. Anyway, no other burger on the planet is as good as the Hamburgini with Cheese at both 3pm and at 3am, 2pm and 2am is pretty darn good too, actually all the hours of the day seem to work well taste wise, but we've done specific testing on the 3pm/3am Hamburgini with Cheese paradigm. Most of our testing is done at the original Ponsonby store in Auckland after a late night skype call in the office with our overseas business partners...ahem.