Burgers, Fries & Other Good Stuff

To learn more about your favourite BurgerFuel products, from the story behind each burger right through to the ingredients, product information and nutritional benefits, please select a category below. When it comes to nutritional information, we know that everyone needs to fuel their own human engines in different ways. 

The recommended daily intake for the average person in Australia is 8700kJ, however, people are more than just numbers and everyone has unique nutritional requirements based on their lifestyle, and how often they move. Please see your nutritionist or doctor if you need more information on how to keep your own internal engine purring like a well-fed kitten. Most of our burgers are available in gluten free and low-carb options. 

Life’s too short to eat bad burgers

Gourmet Beef

100% pure grass fed Australian beef smashed to perfection.

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Gourmet Chicken

Fresh natural chicken breast butterfly-cut and grilled to perfection.

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Gourmet Vege & Vegan

Separately cooked New Zealand & Australian Vegetarian Society approved vege and vegan patties.

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A selection of unique burger supplements.

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Kids Meals

Mini buns and small size fries for mini ones and small size guys.

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