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Tweets & Treats



Straight from the Burgerverse

Posted by: BurgerFuel

Tweets and Treats

Congrats to @badtripz for spotting your tweet in store! The burger fairy is on its way to you with a lil treat from us, keep tweeting and eating tweeps and if you spot your BurgerFuel tweet in store DM us for your treat.

Posted by: Lex

New Foursquare special launches at all New Zealand & Australian stores

BurgerFuel and L&P Foursquare promotion.

Ok, kiddlywinks, if you've got one of those fancy iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys or just any 'clever' phone - then whammo - sweet liquid freebie goodness in the form of L&P is coming your way!!! If you haven't already got Foursquare running on your phone, then download that crazy app fo' free yo!!! Then you can 'check-in' at any of our New Zealand or Australian stores to score yourself a Free L&P with your burger. If you're in NZ, you'll even get the classic brown glass bottle to drink out of. 

Here's the Foursquare site (in case you're wondering what we're talking about):

Oh, and whoever has the most check-ins at each store will gets themselves the mega "mayor" honour which equals a free burger whenever you bring a friend (or loyal subject). 


P.S. Keep an eye out here at Tweets and Treats for the latest specials and general all round goody goodness. 

Posted by: BurgerFuel

More Treats for Tweets


Another tweep has been in to get a BurgerFuel feed only to spot their tweet on Burgervision - Congrats @paulminors!

Your treat is on its way to you as we speak/type..

Get your tweet on to be into win!



Posted by: BurgerFuel

Treats for Tweets

Congrats @fluerjack for spotting your tweet on screen in your local BurgerFuel - your burger on us is on its way to you as we speak ENJOY

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