We’ve broken down walls, jumped on 95 flights (without getting dragged off), burned through months of burgers, sweat, and tears (also beers) and we’re now so close to serving up New Zealand’s original gourmet burger in the land of the free, home of the brave that we can taste it.

Friends of the Fuel unite - we're opening the very first BurgerFuel store in the mighty USA with burgers blazing, engines revving and music pumping. If there was ever a time to stand up tall, proud and loud, hand on heart and heart in hand like the legendary tall poppies that you are, this is it.

We need your help to tell our future BurgerFuel customers in America what BurgerFuel is all about.

GO POSTAL (old school)

We're giving spot prizes to the best submissions!

  • Head into your local BurgerFuel store and grab a postcard from our staff
  • Write down why you love BurgerFuel (& add your social media handle if you're keen for a modern day, burger themed, stateside pen pal situation of the non-creepy variety)
  • We’ll serve these hand written postal high-fives up to our new customers in the USA when they order a burger

GO VIDEO (new school)

We're giving away 50 FREE AMERICAN MUSCLE BURGERS each day to those who submit!

  • Film a 5-10 second video telling us what you love about BurgerFuel (must be clear with good sound + no naughty content)
  • Upload it HERE & share it with your mates.

We’ll compile the best submissions into one big Hello-America-look-out-we're-here-chahoo-victory-lap-video so if you’ve always wanted your 5-10 seconds of fame, this is it.

view and upload videos here